Mapping Different Field Types

Understanding When It's Okay To Map Different Field Types

When you see the following message this is an indicator that you have mapped different field types.

There are instances when mapping different field types is okay and you can ignore these flags.

Single-Select field to Text

This can be done as long as the select field is your system of record.

The select field needs to be your system of record because the integration is always going to look at the value on that field as correct and move that value to your other configured system.

If your system of record is a text field you run into a potential problem where we are moving a value from that field that may not be an available option on the select field.

Date/Time to Date 

Sometimes you'll find that in one system you have a date/time field while in the other you have a date and it may only be possible to create date fields and not date/time depending on the systems options. Generally speaking this is an ok mismatch. The date portion for these fields will sync as expected (i.e. 4/21/19) whereas the timestamp portion of the one field will simply translate into the local GMT time for wherever the one field that is just a date is stored. 

There are some potential risks with this mismatch. Here are the two scenarios that can lead to this mismatch being risky: 

1. If you believe the systems where the date fields are being stored are within timezones that are very far apart (i.e. North America and Australia), it is possible that when the data transfers it could revert the date back or forward 1 day. This should be very rare but something to be on the look out forward, especially if you are a customer based in Australia. 

2. The mismatch is happening for a Date field that is used to dedupe a specific record-type. There are currently two types of records that use date fields when deduping (Opportunity and Activity). If you find that there is a mismatch for these Date fields being used to dedupe these records, let our support team know and we can work with our engineering team to try and correct this mismatch.  


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