Submit a Support Ticket

To submit a request for assistance from our support team, click on the link in the top navigation that says "Submit a request" and fill out the form.

In order to help ensure a speedy response to your request, it's helpful to provide some general information in the Details section of the form. Some suggestions for what to include in your ticket:

1. Overview of any data that isn't syncing as expected.

Example:  "My contacts from HubSpot aren't syncing to my CRM properly."

2. Describe Field or Fields are involved.

Example: "My contacts are syncing but the Stage Field is not properly populating from my CRM to my Marketing system."

3. Provide example Record IDs for affected Records.

Example:  "The CRM Record ID for a Contact that is demonstrating this issue is 238241."

We appreciate any details you can provide to help us accurately identify your need for support and deliver a rapid response.

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